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What is Intelligent Machine Control?


Komatsu Tested, Optimized for Quicker, More Efficient Grade Control System

imc what sensor Factory Integrated Sensor Package
Typical blade mounted components are replaced with factory installed cab top GNSS antenna, enhanced inertial measuring unit (IMU+), and stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders. Komatsu durability & quality with factory installation, integration
imc what GNSS Cab Top GNSS Antenna
No blade mounted GNSS antenna(s), cables to worry about damaging with cab top GNSS antenna. Reduced risk of theft due to low visibility as viewed from ground level.
 imc what IMU  Enhanced Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU+)
Chassis mounted enhanced inertial measuring unit (IMU+) and intelligent logic provides for finish grade accuracy without blade mounted sensors. Positional updates up to 100Hz.
imc what stroke  Stroke Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders
Robust stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders employ proven Komatsu sensor technologies for accurate finish grade performance. Stroke sensing angle cylinder allows machine control system to know the angle of the blade.
imc what load settings  Operator Selectable Load Settings
Machine control load settings can be adjusted between presets to tailor response to material conditions. From dry loose sandy soils to wet heavy clay materials, system performance can be targeted accordingly.
imc what control box  Standard Touch Screen Control Box
Factory installed and features simple, easy to use operator interface. Mounted high for excellent visibility, viewing angle is adjustable per operator preference.